CyberWork and the American Dream

A film about the history of technology and the future of work.


At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, Luddites destroyed the machines that came for their jobs…

… Today the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution has reignited the same fears of human obsolescence. Just as the invention of the tractor revolutionized farming, manufacturing and other major industries will be transformed by AI. Economic and social changes will be on the same scale as the changes brought about by electricity. At the same time, the promise of AI is that is will enable us to solve the most difficult problems that society faces today.


Featuring interviews with exceptional tech entrepreneurs, historians, economists, and technology experts.


Tech Entrepreneur

Author, 100 Plus


Historian, Stanford University

Author, Goddess of the Market


Economist, Hoover Institution

Blog Grumpy Economist


Tech Entrepreneur

TV Personality, “Shark Tank”


Associate Justice, California Supreme Court


Historian, Stanford University

Author The Square and the Tower


Journalist, The New York Times

Author, Thank You for Being Late


Economist, Northwestern University

Author, The Rise & Fall of American Growth


Political Scientist, Stanford University

Author, Fragile by Design


Economist, Stanford University


Tech Entrepreneur

Author, Humans Need Not Apply


Former World Chess Champion

Author, Deep Thinking


Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co.


Economist, Hoover Institution

Host, EconTalk Podcast


Research Scientist, MIT

Co-Author, Machine, Platform, Crowd


Director, Computer Science and

Artificial Intelligence Lab, MIT


Economic Historian, Univ. of Illinois

Author, Bourgeois Equality


Captain of Moonshots of “X”,

an Alphabet company


Computer Scientist, Stanford University


President, Center for Community

Change Action

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James Shelley, Director & Producer

James Shelley directs and produces documentaries that investigate important policy and social issues from a nonpartisan perspective to engage and entertain audiences of all backgrounds. His Public Television documentary, American Umpire, produced in association with WETA, Washington won Best Documentary at the 2016 G.I. Film Festival.


Elizabeth Cobbs, Writer & Producer

Historian Elizabeth Cobbs, holds the Melbern Glasscock Chair in American History at Texas A&M and is a Senior Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution. A prize-winning author of 7 books, her essays have appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Reuters, Jerusalem Post, National Public Radio, Politico and other forums.


Kevin King, Editor

Kevin has won nine Emmys for editing. He studied under Academy Award- winning editor D. Sarah Stein and hold a MA in film production. Kevin is considered a pioneer in he field of branded content, seamlessly blending documentary and commercial formats.

Chad Cannon, Composer

Chad has received numerous awards including the International Film Music Critics nomination for Best Original Score. He is a graduate of Harvard and Julliard. Chad has worked as an orchestrator on major studio motion pictures, including The Hobbit trilogy and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2.

Adam Parrish King, Sound Design & Audio Editor

Adam is an experienced veteran of film and television and has won numerous awards including and Oscar and several Emmy’s for his work in sound design and audio mixing. He has an MFA in Film from University of Southern California

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